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Since opening Molana Restaurant, we’ve been providing delicious food and refreshing drinks, in beautiful surroundings with superb service. Our menus are carefully created using exceptional ingredients and our chefs are chosen for their talent, passion and flair. We believe that every occasion should be exceptional, whether you’re joining us for a coffee, brunch with friends, dinner with the family or a big celebration.Whenever you visit, you’ll enjoy service that’s attentive but never obtrusive, a wonderful atmosphere we like to call our stylish buzz serving and the kind of food that you’ll love.


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Molana Persian Restaurant

Persian recipes have matured over the centuries to bring the taste out of the fresh ingredients used to prepare the unique Persian food, and following this tradition, Molana only uses the finest fresh ingredients to prepare its dishes and exclusive cocktails.

A spacious and elegant restaurant, Specializing in Persian Cuisine & Catering this family restaurant is loved by locals and families for it’s unique flavors of traditional homemade Iranian cooking.

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